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​the best alternative for quality dog beds

As a dog parent, it is natural that you'd only want the best of the best. Our all-in-one dog beds are manufactured only with high-quality materials. See why hundreds of dog parents love our brand!

Rasperi dog bed

See how Rasperi stacks up to the competition

A luxury brand like no other

Premium Memory Foam

Unlike most dog beds, Rasperi dog beds are made out of cooling memory foam that spreads evenly across the entire body, allowing equal weight distribution. As a result, it's extremely effective at relieving ankle pains after a long day of walking or running.

Made To Last Years

Rasperi orthopedic dog beds are made to last years. With proper care, it can last for several years before replacement is needed. Experience true luxury where the supporting foam doesn't sink over time!

Super Easy
To Maintain

In addition to the dog bed arriving ready to use without having to stuff any foam, it is super convenient to maintain.

Unzipping the cover from all 4 corners allows you to easily remove the cover for washing. Super easy to put it back on too!

The Rasperi Advantage Is Clear

Against other similarly priced dog beds



Does Not Offer



Premium Memory Foam

Machine Washable

Removable Cover

Embedded Neck Support Pillow

Lasts More Than 2 Years


Non-Skid Bottom

Supports up to 88 lbs

Dog Shelter Donation

1 Year Warranty

Customer Support

100% Money-Back Guarantee

30-Day Refund No Questions Asked

Get Your Own Rasperi Dog Bed Today

A luxury brand like no other

"Bigger than expected, much more comfy too! As soon as it came in I opened the packaging and laid it out for my pup and she got on it immediately and didn't want to get off of it. Highly recommend this bed for any and all of your furbabies!"

- Dutchess, 2023
"This is a great bed for a small or medium sized dog. I got it for my girl, Hazel. She's about 48 pounds and this is the ideal size for her. It's super comfy and well made. It looks nice, too."

- Rachel, 2023


Although we have an awesome return policy, not many choose to return our dog beds. Many of our customers tell us that they and their dogs love the bed.

When we manufacture our dog beds, we put into careful consideration on all the materials used. We truly want to make the world a better place for dogs, and so we do our utmost best to provide quality dog beds that are comfortable when laid on.

"A lot of dog beds claim to be for orthopedic support, but if you have a dog that really needs the support, thicker memory foam is really the way to go. This bed does, in fact, seem to be made from good quality memory foam that is very supportive."
- Sarah, 2023
"This is a well made quality ortho bed. Foam is dense but softens down when weight on it. Cover is soft fabric and removable for washing. Dog approved and dog liked. Good ortho bed."

- Roo, 2023
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