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Our best-selling dog bed, with cooling and balanced support

Premium Support

Foam is divided into 3 separate support zones to help relieve ankle pains.

The bed is designed to keep cool during summers and warm during winters.

Ergonomic Airflow

Rasperi Dog Bed



Get your very own Rasperi dog bed! It is large in size and extremely comfortable to lay on. Unlike other dog beds, Rasperi beds are made to last thanks to its premium memory foam.


The size is 36" in length, 23" in width, and 3.15" in height.

Rasperi premium dog beds
An orthopedic dog bed for elderly dogs
Rasperi dog beds made out of memory foam
Dog beds made out of memory foam

Inside Our Premium Dog Beds

Here's how Rasperi orthopedic dog beds can help improve your dog's sleep and health:

  • Rasperi signature memory foam: Unlike most dog beds, we only use premium memory foam. In other words, the foam wraps around your dog's joints, allowing pain relief.

  • Ergonomic Airflow: Thanks to its ergonomic design, the bed stays cool all year long!

  • Elevated Pillows: The raised pillows on the edges of the bed help support dog's neck health. It is intentionally designed to not be as high to accommodate for elderly dogs. 

Say Goodbye To Ankle Pains

Did you know that 1 out of 5 dogs suffer from osteoarthritis? It's extremely important that we take care of our dog's health early on!

By having dogs sleep on high-quality orthopedic dog beds, it helps them relieve their ankle pains throughout the night. Through constant use, it can help improve their overall health.

Purchase With Confidence

Free Shipping

All orders come with a 100% free shipment! No hidden fees at checkout.

100% Guarantee

All purchases come with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Quality Guarantee

We stand behind our products with pride. Experience it yourself!

3-5 Day Delivery

Get your package within a few days after ordering. We do our best to ship quickly!

Fast Support

Have problems with your order or product? We'll make sure to set it right!

Easy Returns

100% refund is valid for 30 days after purchase.

No questions asked.

Rasperi pet beds

A Premium Dog Bed

A pathway to a happier jolly life! Get your dog this perfect present!

Join hundreds of happy dog parents!

Loved By Dogs

Ever bought a bed for a dog, only for them to not sleep on it? Try us! 9 out of 10 customers say their dogs love the bed!

Loved By Parents

Dog parents LOVE our bed since it's so easy to clean! Super easy to remove and maintain.

Loved by Shelters

Not only do we donate a portion of our profit to local dog shelters, we also send out our beds!

Dogs love em!

A machine washable dog bed


Machine Washable

Our dog beds are 100% machine washable! Simply wash them in cold water.

Dog beds with removable covers with zippers


Removable Covers

All beds comes with removable covers that come off from four corners, with sturdy metal zippers.

A non-slip dog bed that doesn't skid around


Non-Slip Bottom

Having a non-slip bottom is crucial to dogs' health! Our beds stay in place always.

The difference between Rasperi dog beds and other dog bed brands
Super soft dog bed with cooling properties

Premium Memory Foam

It's like sleeping on top of a cloud! Super soft to the touch, yet firm enough to provide support.

How are Rasperi dog beds made?

Let's take a look under the covers

Rasperi dog beds are made of 3 foams separated into different levels:

  • First relief point: The first layer acts as a supporting foam to help tackle on the first point of pressure and weight.

  • Second relief point: The second layer is where our premium memory foam lives. This where the magic of ankle & pain relief happens! It never sinks to the ground.

  • Third relief point: The last layer supports the 1st and 2nd layer while also making sure the bed doesn't skid around.

Rasperi dog beds are designed to be comfortable

Premium Design

Nothing beats the feeling of a well-rested night!

Sizing Guideline

Rasperi Large-Sized Bed - 36" x 23" x 3.15" (fits standard crates)

Supports up to 88lbs

Rasperi dog bed reviews
"Thought it'd be too small for my dog, but no! I think it's actually the perfect size for him. He likes laying on the bed all the time whenever he has a chance."

Justin S. - New York

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the dog bed easy to wash?

Rasperi frequently asked questions

Yes! It is super easy to wash. If the bed got dirty, you can simply remove the bed cover and wash it with your washing machine. Alternatively, you can also choose to hand-wash the cover and air-dry it outside.

Q: Can I use the bed outdoors?

Absolutely. You can bring it with you when going on picnics and leave the bed on the grass. Alternatively, if you're going on a road trip, you can also place the bed in your car and have your dog rest on it.

Q: What is your return policy?

Buy Rasperi products with confidence. If you feel that something's wrong, just contact us here and we'll do everything in our power to make it right. We offer 100% hassle-free 30-day returns with a courteous and prompt refund upon request.

Q: How is this any better than the other dog beds?

Rasperi pet beds are made out of premium memory foam with orthopedic properties. Not only will your dog absolutely love our beds, but chances are their health & sleep will significantly improve as well! Our products last for years, whereas cheap knockoffs may only last a few months.


If your dog didn't like our bed!

Because of how soft and comfy our orthopedic beds are, 99% of the dogs out there love our beds! But in the highly unlikely event that your dog does not like our bed, no worries! You're protected by our 30-day 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked.

Email us at with your receipt and we'll return every penny you paid to us.

Beloved by Hundreds

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